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This page is for the authors who want some places to start promoting their works. This page contains information on sites who advertise for the author, accept reviews from authors and perform other beneficial services. This list will get updated as I find sites to add, so come back often


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 Review Sites  

Print on Demand sites and articles

Authors Protection sites  

Link Reciprocal Sites - Non ffa

Sites that contain a list of Review sites

Unions or Associations for Writers

Sites that contain writers links

Sites that allow authors to post reviews

Sites that help an author promote their work

Featured Ebook

Literary Agent Listing 

Writers Sites

Writers Ezines

For the poets

Sites specifically for female writers

Sites for young writers

Sites for Ethnic  writers

Book Cover Artists

Resources for real life or historical writing

Resources for Horror Writers 

Resources for Children's writers

Resources for Romance Writers

Resources for all writers

Software for Writers 

Help for Query Letters and Synopsis Writing

Literary Services

Publishing Information Sites

Ezines for Authors or Ethnic Groups

Sites that list e-Publishers

Sites that list e-zines

Sites that offer awards to books


Listserve List


Page 2

This page is dedicated to those writers who need help with their novel

Before it is published


Page 3

Everything that anyone would need when it comes to webpage making,

Publishing or any other odd section.

Sites that reciprocate links


 GoTop Link Exchange - GoTop is a smart service that help webmasters find other webmasters to trade links with. GoTop saves hours of work when you are looking for reciprocal links, and it's free!

Writers Ezine


The Internet Writing Journal(R) -- Author Interviews, Writing ...

Mr. Magazine


Michael Larocca Ezine - Very useful indeed

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